Texas Superstar Plants to Grow Research Through Sales at Lowe’s

June 19, 2009 - 11:22

Beginning this June, plants designated as Texas Superstars and sold at the 139 Lowe's stores throughout the state will generate a royalty contribution toward the Texas Superstar program, according to Dr. James R. Fajt, licensing manager for the Texas A&M System's Office of Technology Commercialization.

“This arrangement with Lowe's will help us continue to develop superior plants, educational information and products for the people of Texas,” Fajt said.

Texas Superstar plants have undergone rigorous testing and observation by a team of horticulturists with the Texas AgriLife Extension Service and sister agency, Texas AgriLife Research.

“These plants are hardy and tolerate the challenging environments typical of Texas landscapes,” said Dr. Mike Arnold, an AgriLife Research horticulturist, who chairs the plant selection committee. “They are disease and insect tolerant as well.”

The trademark Texas Superstar is on the tags of those plants that meet the criteria established and tested by AgriLife Extension's Coordinated Education and Marketing Assistance Program, Arnold added.

Fajt said the plants would still be available at other nurseries throughout the state. But the arrangement with Lowe's, he said, will gather the funds needed to develop and test additional plant species and then provide them to the public.

To see a list of Texas Superstar plants, including growth descriptions and photos, visit www.texassuperstar.com.

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