February 25, 2008 - 00:00

Summer Wave torenia were bred to thrive in hot climates and dry soil. ‘Summer Wave Amethyst Ice’ and ‘Summer Wave Violet Ice’ feature an abundance of bicolored flowers with a vigorous trailing habit. Ideal for shady beds and hanging baskets, they are self-cleaning and self-branching.

Choose a well-drained potting soil. A 30 percent coconut fiber mix or peat lite mix is recommended. Use one cutting per 4- to 4 1/2-inch pot. Use three cuttings per 10-inch pot or basket. Use four to five cuttings to produce a premium 10-inch hanging basket. To stimulate lateral branching, pinch as soon as the plants reach the edge of the growing container or the roots reach the bottom of the pot, whichever occurs first.

Be sure to keep the media moist. Do not overwater. Watch for contamination from algae or bacteria. Absorption watering using ebb and flow benches or grow mats is recommended. If overhead watering is used, watch for mold and treat if necessary.

Summer Wave plants perform best in warm environments. Keep the greenhouse unshaded during fall, winter and spring. Some shading may be desired in summer months, depending on greenhouse cover and location.

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