January 19, 2009 - 00:00

Summer Wave torenias are bred to thrive in the heat and tolerate dry soil. Flowering all season long, they yield a high bloom count. ‘Summer Wave Silver’ is a new introduction. Other available colors in the series include Amethyst, Amethyst Ice, Large Amethyst, Large Blue, Large Violet, Lavender Blue and Violet Ice.
With a trailing and vigorous growth, Summer Wave torenia reaches a height of 6-10 inches and spreads more than 30 inches. Self-cleaning and well-branching, they require little maintenance. These varieties are suitable for use in shady borders, hanging baskets, combinations, landscape, window boxes and patio containers.
Sterile, well-draining potting soil should be used. A 30-percent coconut-fiber mix or peat-lite mix is recommended with a pH of 5.5-6.0. Use one well-rooted cutting per 4- to 41/2-inch pot, three per 10-inch pot or basket, and four to five to produce a premium 10-inch hanging basket.
Summer Wave plants perform best in warm environments. Maintain temperature at 78° F days and 64° F nights. Bright daylight is best. Supplemental high-intensity lighting is recommended on cloudy days or to extend day length.

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