Vendor Update

September 8, 2006 - 07:13

Piccolo PGR Approved As Liner Dip

Piccolo, the .4-percent paclobutrazol plant growth regulator from Fine Americas, recently received approval from the Environmental Protection Agency to expand its broad label to include the use as a pre-transplant soak or liner dip on plugs and rooted cuttings of bedding plants and herbaceous flowering and foliage plants. According to the manufacturer, the recommended liner dip use rate ranges from .5 to 8 ppm depending on the plant species, the desired level of activity and geographic location. Go to for more information.

Ball Seed, SePRO Announce PGR Seed Treatment

Ball Seed Company and SePRO Corporation have announced that the plant growth regulator A-Rest will be available as a seed treatment on selected bedding plants in the United States for the spring 2007 season. The treated seed will be sold as Ball Controlled Growth Seed as part of Ball Seed’s Premier Line. By applying the PGR treatment during to the seed during the coating or pelleting process, Ball Controlled Growth reportedly will provide consistent early growth control.

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