VIVA! Garden for Schools Expands

February 18, 2005 - 12:09

VIVA! Garden for Schools is sending out 25 percent more plants in 2005 than in 2004. With more corporate sponsorship, more greenhouse grower support and help from The Home Depot on getting the word out, Garden for Schools is well on its way to reach a quarter of a million school children since the program started in 2003.

The Garden for Schools program allows children to learn that vegetable gardening is more than just a science experiment. Research has shown that children who have access to gardens have dramatically reduced stress and are more apt to excel in school, according to VIVA! Gardens. Many teachers cover gardening related topics as broad as nutrition, biology, ecology, animal husbandry and health science. By starting with full grown VIVA! plants, the children can quickly see the lifecycle shift from bud to flower to fruit.

VIVA! Garden for Schools is a national program that makes gardening in the classroom a reality. In this program, herb and vegetable plants are donated to school classrooms with the intent to excite children about gardening. By exposing children, their families and teachers to basic horticulture, the program hopes to encourage better nutritional habits and a love of nature.

“Children are our most precious resource and we are convinced that real benefits come from sharing gardening with children,” said Deena Altman, president of VIVA! Gardens. “The VIVA! Garden for Schools program was born from the strong belief that education coupled with growing and harvesting plants can open a whole new world for children.”

“We provide enough herbs and vegetables to plant up a 30-sq.ft. garden and the children can see almost immediate results,” adds Altman. “With large VIVA! plants children can see fast results for their efforts.” For more information about the program visit

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