Walters Gardens Turns 60

February 1, 2006 - 08:12

Walters Gardens, Inc., announced its 60th anniversary in 2006. Since 1946, Walters Gardens, Inc. has specialized in growing bare root, potted and plug perennials. Today, the company is one of the leaders in the perennial industry. Through the decades, the company has grown from a small farm of less than 5 acres worked by just a few people, to a multimillion dollar business with 350 employees, 2,000 acres of land and more than 500,000 sq.ft. of greenhouses. Nearly 8,000 wholesalers, retailers, mail order companies and landscapers throughout the United States and Canada order perennials from Walters Gardens, Inc., according to Walters.

Today, Walters Gardens, Inc. is run by the second generation aided by 350 additional family members and dedicated employees that include plant health experts, horticulturists, customer service representatives, and a pool of sales representatives and brokers nationwide. The Walters remain dedicated to the principles established by their ancestors: a commitment to quality, innovation and superior customer service.

Working with plant enthusiasts around the globe, Walters Gardens, Inc. continues its search for the best new perennials, each year adding approximately 100 new varieties to its catalog of more than 1,100 perennials. Tremendous efforts have also been made in developing innovative Web and print-based marketing support to help their customers' businesses grow. Walters Gardens, Inc. now operates three Web sites:, its flagship Web site for the green industry;, a consumer-based Web site loaded with information and ideas about perennial gardening; and, a consumer-based Web site aimed at the promotion of their Designer Daylily Collection. A wide variety of marketing materials has also been developed including benchcards, grower cultural sheets, PowerPoint presentations, posters, labels and more.

“Walters Gardens, Inc. would like to express heartfelt appreciation to its customers and staff as they celebrate 60 years in the perennial plant business. Their confidence in Walters Gardens, Inc. perennials inspires the company to continue to strive towards a greater future," stated Walters.

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