May 21, 2012 - 08:41
Yudisne "Judy" Albano



Job Title

Facility Manager/Facility Grower


Riverview Flower Farm, Riverview, Fla.


Helped spearhead company’s efforts to refurbish and reestablish older propagation facility purchased in the fall of 2011 and had it up and running for spring 2012 to meet the demands of major customer; A native of Venezuela, Albano has made the transition to life in the U.S. while developing her advanced technical skills, producing the highest quality plants and establishing a superior work ethic; Devoted to trialing new products and finding new production methods to help increase efficiency or existing techniques.


Favorite Reads: Spanish novels like El General en su Laberinto by Gabrielo Garcia Marquez, based on the last days of Simon Bolivar’s life and fight to unify Venezuela, Columbia and Ecuador. Vacation spot to visit: Angel Falls in southeast Venezuela. Can’t live without: Chocolate.

Fun Fact

Secret Life: Dog whisperer — “My friends say I can speak with dogs … because I understand what my dog [is thinking].”