Results are in! How did the newest poinsettia introductions perform? Keep an eye on your fertilizer injectors and they will help you produce quality plant material. These beautiful hybrids feature continuous blooming, compact habit and versatility in use. Tips for heating a greenhouse in a cold climate. Covered in masses of dainty white flowers, the 2015 perennial plant of the year offers delicate texture to the landscape. Be inspired by coleus in 2015. How can a little branding help growers stand out? These 40 individuals are propelling the horticulture industry forward.
March 04, 2015
AmericanHort is "Changing the Game" at Cultivate'15, which will take place July 11-14, with two keynote presentations. Curt Steinhorst is a generational expert... more
March 03, 2015
The GrowIt! Garden Socially app has expanded into a new operating system and now available for for Android phones. Available now on the Google Play Market, GrowIt! helps... more
March 02, 2015
Syngenta Flowers has moved up the dates for its 2015 Goldsmith Scholarship program. The company will again be awarding two $7,500 scholarships to college students who have... more
March 02, 2015
The National Garden Bureau (NGB) met at the ASTA Flower & Vegetable Seed Conference in Florida last month to plan future activities. At that time, NGB members elected... more
February 13, 2015
A-Rest and Abide are two plant growth retardants (PGRs) that contain the active ingredient ancymidol. They aren’t as commonly used in floriculture as most other PGRs, which... more
February 13, 2015
The Rockette series of kniphofia hybrids from EuroAmerican are new must-have genetics with distinct improvements on the classic perennial favorite: Red Hot Poker! Their... more
February 13, 2015
Candytuft has been a perennial favorite for its reliably early spring color. In spite of its early flowering and popularity with consumers, iberis has been known among many... more
February 13, 2015
I realize that after reading my tag line above, you must be thinking “of course my fertilizer injector is essential to my growing quality plant material!” The real... more
February 13, 2015
Marijuana production in Colorado is quickly shifting from indoor warehouse facilities to greenhouse operations.  “Twelve to 18 months ago, more than 95 percent of... more
Ball FloraPlant

This hardy verbena is bred to take the heat and stay in flower longer. EnduraScape is the first verbena that is hardy to the low teens and reblooms in spring. Available in seven colors, EnduraScape exhibits excellent powdery mildew resistance and superior branching. The finished product at... more

  • Ball FloraPlant
    This hardy verbena is bred to take the heat and stay in flower longer. EnduraScape is the first verbena that is hardy to the low teens and reblooms in spring. Available in seven colors, EnduraScape...
    Ball FloraPlant
  • Sakata
    Known for its large vibrant flowers and superior outdoor performance, SuperCal is the ideal combination of petunia and calibrachoa. SuperCal is early blooming, pH tolerant and ideal for cold-frame/...
  • Syngenta Flowers
    ‘Big Kiss Red’ boasts super-sized flowers that are up to 5 inches in diameter. Bushy plants fill up containers quickly and love the heat.
    Syngenta Flowers
  • Green Fuse Botanicals
    The latest addition to the Windchimes Upright series, Lilac/Rose features large, brilliantly colored flowers that face outward maximizing the display at retail. The mature height is 10 to 16 inches.
    Green Fuse Botanicals
  • Suntory Flowers
    A very floriferous plant with a compact habit, ‘Million Bells Bouquet Deep Red’ will grab people’s attention with its exceptional density. It blooms all season long and is easy to maintain. Million...
    Suntory Flowers
  • PlantHaven
    ‘Radiance’ is a white variegated abelia that stands out because of its vigor and ability to maintain color and density throughout the year. New foliage is medium green with creamy yellow margins,...
  • Sensaphone
    The Sensaphone Express II system remotely monitors greenhouses to prevent loss of valuable plant assets. The system is ideal for larger operations that require many monitoring points or those...
  • PARSource Lighting Solutions
    PowerPAR LED bulbs deliver spectrum specific light directly onto targeted plants. This advanced light source is sophisticated in technology, yet exceptionally easy to operate. Available in far red,...
    PARSource Lighting Solutions
  • BioSafe Systems
    TerraClean 5.0 is now available for use on ornamental and food crops. It is great for drench applications, controlling soil-borne pathogens like phytophthora, fusarium, pythium and blights. Easily...
    BioSafe Systems
  • Gothic Arch Greenhouses
    The DF series of greenhouse structures is offered standard or customized to your specific needs. The high-quality DF series can be used by production growers or high-end retail garden center owners.
    Gothic Arch Greenhouses
Growers and garden center retailers need varied solutions to meet their particular needs to stay abreast of the exploding demand for edible and fragrant herbs and vegetables... more
Stone Creek Hydroponics, a family-owned and operated farm in northeast Georgia, knows how to adapt to customer needs. When owner Zachary Unruh started the business in 2010,... more
Chameleon Grow Systems has developed a plasma grow light from the light emitting plasma offering from LUXIM in Sunnyvale, Calif. What differentiates plasma grow lighting from... more
Smith Gardens, with locations in Oregon, Washington and California, has been serving the Pacific Northwest market for over 100 years. Each year the family-run operation ships... more
During the one-hour webinar, Paul Pilon, Perennial Solutions Consulting, will cover both common as well as less familiar issues growers can encounter... more
"Inspire & Refresh! What Spring Training Really Should Look Like," presented by Dr. Bridget K. Behe, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Horticulture... more
Do you know a college student working toward a degree in ornamental horticulture business... more
The deadline to apply for Syngenta Flowers’ 2015 Goldsmith Scholarship program is next... more
Forty five... The 2015 California Spring Trials are just 45 days away! Have you put the... more
Researchers at  Harvard University, the University of California-Berkeley and the... more
This year’s OFA Short Course (July 14 to 17, in Columbus, Ohio) was phenomenal.  As... more
  By the time you see this article, Fall 2012 will be in full swing — hopefully a... more

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