2009 American Garden Award Winners Announced

September 23, 2009 - 06:35

Flower-loving voters have spoken from their "ballot boxes" in 17 public gardens across America: The top three best-loved flowers in the country, the American Garden Award winners, were recently revealed.

Voting took place by text message or dialing into a toll-free voting hotline.

The No. 1 most popular was Goldsmith Seeds' rudbeckia 'TigerEye Gold', which caught voters' eyes with its big, brilliant yellow blooms, compact habit and great tolerance to heat, humidity and disease. The second-place winner was Ball Horticultural Co.'s petunia 'Baby Duck Yellow', whose name is just as adorable as the blankets of soft yellow flowers that held up all summer long, without wilting. And in third place, pentas 'Northern Lights Lavender' from Benary attracted hummingbirds, butterflies and voters with its clusters of lacy purple flowers.

The competition isn't just a boon for the breeders who created these plants — it's a great awareness raiser for the whole industry, and it's an opportunity to spread color and flower power to more public spaces and smiles to garden enthusiasts' faces. For more information on the program, visit the American Garden Award's website.

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