AFE Pre-Proposal Grant Application Deadline

February 6, 2004 - 11:08

The Board of Trustees of the American Floral Endowment announced the
deadline for scientific research "pre-Proposals" for the 2005 fiscal
year funding cycle. The Pre-Proposals are due no later than August 1, 2004.

A new evaluation process has been implemented this year, and the review time
frame has been significantly shortened. A summary of the changed can be viewed
at, under the scientific research brief section.

While the Endowment has listed four major research priorities, any well
conceived and prepared Pre-Proposal that addresses a national need for the
floricultural industry will be considered. The duration of a research project
can be 1, 2 or 3 years, and any reasonable, but justified, budget can be

The Pre-Proposal forms can be downloaded from the Endowment's Web site at

The Endowment is solely dedicated to addressing the research and educational
development needs of the entire floral industry, benefiting growers,
wholesalers, retailers, allied trade companied and the general public. As an
industry-wide, industry-based organization garnering its support through
contributions from individuals and companies representing all segments, more
than $11 million has been invested in such endeavors.

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