African Marigold Seed Supply

February 4, 2005 - 11:18

Many growers and retailers are just now discovering that the genetic choices for African marigolds are very limited this season. Production difficulties at several seed companies have put tremendous pressure on the supply situation. As a result, the industry has turned to Goldsmith Seeds to supply the much needed marigold seed. Goldsmith Seeds confirms this and has reported very large spot orders on its Antigua dwarf marigold series. Goldsmith has responded very well to the unexpected demand and has been able to completely supply the industry’s need for dwarf African marigolds thus far, with the exception of ‘Antigua Orange’.

Goldsmith has strong inventories of ‘Antigua Primrose’, Yellow and Gold and highly encourages growers to offer these varieties. Alternatives for Antigua marigolds include the Inca II and Perfection series, of which Goldsmith has ample inventories. Though the habits differ from Antigua, these series perform well both in packs and 4-inch production and will satisfy the market’s demand for marigolds.

For further information about Goldsmith African marigolds, please contact Ryan O’Callaghan, account manager or Don Snow, technical product manager at (800) 547-0158 or (408) 847-7333.

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