ANLA Offers Savings Solutions Program

June 17, 2004 - 13:00

The American Nursery and Landscape Association (ANLA) announces the Savings Solutions Program, which implements options that reduce the costs of utilities. More than 60 ANLA member firms have used this program, with a combined projected savings of almost $90,000. Savings are obtained from analyzing alternate suppliers in deregulated states, group purchasing discounts and overcharges and erroneous fees.

The Savings Solutions Program is managed by APPI, an independent utility consulting firm. The program is available to ANLA members only, and APPI is only compensated when it demonstrates and delivers savings and/or refunds. Members pay no upfront, hourly or retainer fees. APPI handles all paperwork and manages the transition to the new suppliers.

The three major components to the program are the Utility Audit Service, the Electricity Buyers Program and the Natural Gas Management Program. With the Utility Audit Service, APPI performs an analysis of the members' existing utility services and expenses, including electricity, natural gas, water, recycling, waste removal, freight and telecommunications, to detect overcharges and erroneous fees within the current supplier network. APPI also analyzes the rate structures, program options and tariffs for savings opportunities. It secures refunds on monies due from billing error or incorrect rate structures and manages accounts to assure billing integrity and savings. APPI's utility audit analysis reveals the true costs of services used every month by the business and provides solutions to reduce operating expenses.

The Electricity Buyers Program analyzes existing electricity programs and supplier contracts, offering ANLA members the opportunity to seek the best combination of price, terms and conditions, and reliability from competing electricity suppliers. It is offered in California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas, deregulated states where people have the choice to choose their electricity supplier.

The Natural Gas Management Program analyzes a firm's natural gas accounts and existing supplier contracts. APPI solicits offers from qualified natural gas suppliers and works to obtain the best rate and contract terms and conditions. It provides natural gas risk management tools and provides ongoing advisory assistance, including the development and implementation of request for proposals, monitoring of suppliers and review of bids and contracts.

For more information about ANLA's Savings Solution Program, contact ANLA at (202) 789-2900 or APPI at (800) 520-6685.

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