June 25, 2014 - 09:38

Baby Pink and Burgundy are two new additions to the Angelic series of argyranthemum. Bred for earliness and tolerance, this series performs well against extreme weather conditions and diseases. They can be used in small to large pots and combination planters.

Use one plant per 4-inch pot (ready in eight to 10 weeks). For 6-inch pots, use one to two plants (ready in nine to 11 weeks). Use three to four plants in 10-inch baskets (ready in 12 to 14 weeks). 

Pinching is optional, once in trays about 10 days before liner planting or about 10 days after planting and establishing.

Use a well-drained potting mix with pH of 5.5 to 6.0. Apply constant feed with a balanced fertilizer (200- to 250-ppm nitrogen) that contains average levels of micronutrients with a slightly increased level of iron.

Maintain moderate moisture levels. Avoid over-watering. Angelic varieties prefer full sun to partial shade (minimum 6,000 foot-candles). Optimum temperature is 64 to 75° F days and 45 to 55° F nights. 

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