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June 19, 2009 - 11:27

BioWorks Announces OMRI Listing for SuffOil-X

BioWorks announced that the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) has reviewed the company’s EPA registered product, SuffOil-X Spray Oil Emulsion, and approved the listing for use in organic production.

SuffOil-X controls insects, mites and foliar fungi in a range of vegetable, nursery, ornamental and greenhouse crops. The oil is a unique concentrate of pre-emulsified, high paraffinic, low aromatic oil. A thin, uniform coating, the oil kills pests with a low risk of burn or stress to plants. The product also dilutes easier with water and more thoroughly than other spray oils, and does not require rigorous agitation to keep the mix in suspension. SuffOil-X has a four-hour restricted entry interval (REI).

For more information, visit

Myers Industries Lawn & Garden Group Introduces Retail Catalog

The Myers Industries Lawn & Garden Group recently introduced its 2009–2010 catalog, which combines Listo, Akro-Mils Lawn & Garden and Planters’ Pride products into one book. The catalog contains a versatile array of products, from the old-world pottery designs of Listo planters, to classic, everyday Akro-Mils Lawn & Garden containers, to at-home gardening kits and accessories from Planters’ Pride.

The Listo portion of the catalog features decorative resin planters with the authentic look, feel and craftsmanship of pottery from around the world. Finishing techniques such as embossing, texturing and aging reflect the lifestyle of your customers.

Akro-Mils Lawn & Garden products combine durability with exceptional style and value. Created with natural colors and traditional designs, the selection offers innovative styles for carefree container gardening. A wide selection of environmentally friendly Fiber Grow containers, developed from recycled paper products, can be composted into nutrient-rich bedding material.

Planters’ Pride presents seed-starting and other home-growing products developed for the professional gardener — but simple enough for the at-home beginner — from Premium Seed Starter Kits and accessories to compressed Fiber Grow Coconut Coir growing mix, pellets and pots made from sustainable coconut husks.

To receive a copy of the retail catalog, contact a Myers Industries sales professional at (800) 225-7712, or visit www.myerslawnandgarden.comto download a PDF version.

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