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June 26, 2009 - 13:04

Athens Select Debuts New 2009 Varieties

Athens Select recently introduced its 2009 new varieties, which boast good heat and humidity tolerance after rigorous testing at the University of Georgia’s trial gardens.

Gaillardia ‘Georgia Sunset’ flourishes in full sun with gold and orange bicolor blossoms, measures almost 2 inches across, is compact, free breaking and grows approximately 18 inches tall. Flowering time is from late spring to fall.
The solid, butter-yellow flowers of Gaillardia ‘Georgia Yellow’ are about 2 inches across and borne on a compact, strong stem. Flowering time is from late spring to fall in full sun.

Pennisetum ‘Princess Molly’ bears thin, deep burgundy leaves, grows 14 to 20 inches tall in full sun and is ideal for bursts of color in smaller landscapes. Pennisetum ‘Princess Caroline’ features brilliant purple foliage reaching 3 inches in height. Both are disease resistant and weather tolerant, it may be grown across the country but will only flower in frost-free areas.

For more information on these varieties and other offerings from Athens Select, visit their website.

GGS Announces Forming of New Company

GGS announced today the forming of a new company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Growers Greenhouse Supplies, Inc. The new company, JGS Limited, services the specialized greenhouse market, which includes research centers, institutional glass enclosures, teaching greenhouses, etc.

Frank Jonkman Sr. has assumed the role of manager for the new company. Ray Gohn, a former employee of Jonkman Greenhouse Systems, also joins JGS as plant manager.

“We have been looking for several years to get more involved with institutional greenhouse projects,” said GGS co-owner Gerry Harrison. “When the opportunity arose to have Frank join our team, we jumped at it. I don’t think anyone in the greenhouse industry would argue that Frank has more experience in these specialized greenhouses than anyone else.”

In addition to Jonkman and Gohn, Shane Coleman, Bill Stark and several other key employees round out the JGS team, bringing together more than 100 years of experience in specialty greenhouse design, manufacturing and construction.

For more information on GGS, visit the company’s website.

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