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September 14, 2009 - 06:45

RijnPlant Increases East Asia Market Share with Shanghai Facility

After a few years of exploratory talks with different parties in China, RijnPlant BV and Shanghai Flowerport Enterprise Development Co., Ltd. signed an agreement in December 2008 for the use of a modern greenhouse. Since April 2009, under the direction of a Dutch foreman, the first plants in China have been bred in different tray sizes specially tailored to the customer.

RijnPlant sought this subsidiary company opportunity in China because they wanted to improve the quality of outgoing material to the growers and prevent cold-weather damage during transport. They looked for an A1 location within China, both for international flight connections, availability of qualified personnel and a suitable climate for anthurium. Next to that, the choice was made for a greenhouse where all climate conditions, just as in the Netherlands, could be optimally controlled. On all this criteria the choice fell on the current location in Shanghai, 30 minutes drive from Shanghai Pudong Airport, one of the largest airports in China.

On Aug. 12, the first rooted plants from that greenhouse were delivered. In the near future, there will be an expansion of deliveries in young plants from the greenhouse in Shanghai, and in the past two years, RijnPlant has become the market leader in China. The first delivery of the plants from this location is a milestone for RijnPlant as well as Chinese growers and the East Asian market. In spite of the decline in the worldwide market economy, there is positive growth in the Chinese market. Some growers will even be put on a waiting list for specific varieties. With the expanding possibilities and flexibility that are offered through production in China, RijnPlant predicts further market-share expansion for pot plants as well as cut flowers.

For more information, visit RijnPlant's website.

Dosatron International Partners with Easy Feed

Dosatron International, Inc. recently announced a new partnership with the engineers of Easy Feed Systems to create modular, ready-to-install panel systems for the hydroponics and boutique garden markets.

Easy Feed's modular panels feature Dosatron proportional chemical injectors, unions and fittings for easy installation, proper filtration equipment, and a timer and solenoids for electrical automation. Other optional accessories, such as inline mixers, R/O and low-pressure modifications, digital gauges, and additional solenoids and drip sites, are also available. The panels can be customized to accommodate multiple injectors to inject different nutrients in a single water line, utilizing one or multiple zones.

For more information, visit Dosatron's website.

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