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February 23, 2007 - 09:58

Fafard Acquires Manitoba Peat Quarry Leases

FPM Peat Moss Company Ltd., a wholly owned Canadian subsidiary of Conrad Fafard Inc., closed its purchase of peat quarry leases in Manitoba, Canada, earlier this week. The acquisition from Gromor International Corp. will allow Fafard to expand its reserves and capacity beyond existing supplies in New Brunswick, Canada, and open up access to U.S. markets west of the Mississippi River.

“This expansion into Manitoba is the first step in our commitment to grow the Fafard brand and presence,” said Keelan Pulliam, president, Conrad Fafard. “From an operational standpoint, access to peat bogs in Manitoba as well as New Brunswick helps diversify our production in Canada and ensure harvest capabilities regardless of weather patterns in one region of the country.”

The acquisition also will help supply peat stock to a new Fafard blending facility in Marshall, Texas, which began operation in January.

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