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September 14, 2007 - 09:36

Ecke Ranch Introduces Height-Tracking Program

A new web-based height-tracking program for poinsettias is eliminating the constant guessing game for poinsettia growers. Ecke Ranch customers can now take advantage of the free program, called On Target.

"One of the greatest uncertainties in producing superior poinsettias is accurately predicting and managing growth in the finishing phases of crop production," said Rebecca Siemonsma, Ecke's technical sales support manager.

On Target is designed to give growers a tool that is easy to use and allows for safe storage of charts for year-to-year comparisons and planning. Growers have the option to download data files for comparison and charting offline as well. Also, the program allows growers to interact with Ecke support staff online from within the charting program for faster service.

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Walters Gardens Switches to Elle Plugs

In a move toward more sustainability, Walters Gardens Inc. has made the transition from growing perennial liners in plastic pots to growing in the more environmentally friendly Elle Plug.

Elle Plugs consist of a biodegradable paper sleeve vacuum filled with soil-less growing media. The paper is air, water and root permeable, allowing the roots to be bathed in oxygen which is essential for the roots to grow strong and fast. Past trials have shown that the plugs finish fast or faster than traditional plugs, resulting in a quicker turn around time for both Walters and their customers. They can also transplant faster and easier than traditional plugs with less disturbance to the environment.

Walters Gardens, Inc. offers three sizes of Elle Plugs: 65 mm/20 per tray, 50 mm/ 30 per tray, and 35 mm/72 per tray.

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Riverbend Joins Grower Network

Riverbend Nursery, a wholesale growing operation, has joined the grower network. Riverbend sells Big Tag Select Perennials such as Gilbertie's Herbs, Stepables, American Beauties and LiveRoof systems. Hort Couture will be the exclusive seasonal color program for Riverbend.

For more information about Riverbend, visit

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