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June 20, 2008 - 09:20

Overture Gets EPA Approval

Overture Insecticide by Valent U.S.A. Corporation has received Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registration for thrip control in greenhouse ornamentals.

Thrips are one of the most widespread and damaging pests facing greenhouse growers. They can get inside flowers, damaging or killing plants, and are difficult to control.

Thrips have built a resistance to several leading thrip products, and many growers are in need of a new, effective way to control them. “By introducing Overture into a pest-management program, growers can alleviate current problems with resistant thrips and also slow development of resistance to currently effective products,” said Dr. Joe Chamberlin, field market development specialist for Valent Professional Products.

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Ball Releases 2009 Catalogs

Ball Horticultural Company recently unveiled its new 2009 Seed & Vegetative Catalog and 2009 Perennial Catalog, showcasing the best from Ball and its supplier partners.

Following the joining of Ball and Darwin Plants in 2007, the 2009 Perennial Catalog combines the product offerings of both companies, showcasing a comprehensive range of products.

The Seed & Vegetative Catalog features seed- and cutting-propagated products all in one double issue that sports two “front” covers. Readers can find Madness petunias on one side and flip to see Fiesta double impatiens on the other. The catalog also contains extensive vegetative product offerings, including the complete line of Ball FloraPlant specialty garden and geranium varieties.

To request a copy of the catalogs, contact the company at (800) 879-BALL.

Fine Celebrates 25 Years

Founded in the United Kingdom in 1983, Fine celebrates its 25th anniversary this summer. Fine is a specialty producer of plant growth regulators for use in ornamental crops and fruits and vegetables. Some of the products the company offers include Concise, Configure, Dazide, Florgib, Fresco or Piccolo.

In 1992, Fine was one of the first agricultural companies to achieve ISO 9001 accreditation. For the past 25 years, Fine has helped bring new use recommendations to market based on university testing programs and developed new products and technology to benefit ornamental growers.

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