Around the Industry: June 13, 2011

June 10, 2011 - 10:57

Check out the latest news from Becker Underwood and BioWorks...

Becker Underwood Introduces New Biological Fungicide

Professional growers who struggle with low plant quality and crop loss because of soilborne pathogens now have a better biological fungicide to help protect their plants, thanks to Subtilex NG from Becker Underwood.

"Subtilex NG is the new professional grower solution that provides an added measure of protection against the damaging effects of soilborne pathogens such as Rhizoctonia and Fusarium," said Joe Lara, product manager at Becker Underwood.

Subtilex NG is based on the hardy MBI 600 strain of Bacillus subtilis, which produces an endospore that allows the bacteria to survive extreme environmental conditions like heat and desiccation. It works through two modes of action — it colonizes plant roots to exclude soilborne pathogens, and it produces a metabolite that destroys the pathogen's cell wall.

Visit to find out more about Subtilex NG and other Becker Underwood products.

Byrne Joins BioWorks Team as Quality Assurance/Control Technician

Patrick N. Byrne, a native of Rochester, N.Y., graduated from SUNY Geneseo with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology and a concentration in Plant Science. He was previously employed by Stonewood Waters Inc. where he worked as a crew foreman, leading crews in the installation and maintenance of a variety of paver and block walkways, patios and retaining walls.

As a BioWorks quality assurance/quality control technician, Byrnes's main responsibilities are to ensure quality control over manufactured products as well as quality assurance on all customer samples by conducting various analysis' identifying the levels of active ingredients present.

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