Around the Industry: Nov. 21, 2011

November 18, 2011 - 11:35

Learn about the latest news from Fine Americas, Emerald Coast Growers and the Perennial Plant Association

Piccolo 10 XC Gets California Registration

Fine Americas, Inc. recently announced the California registration of Piccolo10 XC plant growth regulator for use on a wide variety of ornamental plants. Featuring a 4.0% concentration of paclobutrazol, Piccolo 10 XC is 10 times stronger than standard 0.4% formulations of the popular plant growth regulator.

“Since it comes in a true solution instead of a suspension, Piccolo 10 XC overcomes the potential settling problems associated with older paclobutrazol products,” stated Fine Americas president Greg Johnson. “From a grower’s perspective, that means there is no need to shake the container prior to use in order to ensure uniform distribution of the active ingredient.”

Emerald Coast Grower’s Friel Named PPA President

Emerald Coast Growers’ marketing manager, John Friel, is the new president of the Perennial Plant Association (PPA).

The PPA is as an industry-leading organization hosting national and regional symposia with educational seminars, networking and tours to public gardens, private gardens, retail nurseries and wholesale growers.

The PPA's 2012 National Symposium will take place July 3-10, in Boston. Go to for more information.

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