Bailey Nurseries Announces Acquisition of Bork Nursery

January 11, 2009 - 07:36

Bailey Nurseries has acquired the 377-acre Bork Nursery, located in Onarga, Ill., 90 miles south of Chicago in a strategic move aimed at improving customer service and satisfaction through broader plant offering and quicker shipping to key markets.

Bailey Nurseries is a strong partner with independent garden centers, growers and landscapers across the country, especially within the Midwest. "With the ever-increasing pressures of business today, we are doubling our effort to better meet our customers' needs for the future," said President Terri McEnaney. "We are excited about the opportunities this new growing facility will bring to our customers. By decreasing the distance to market, we will be able to improve just-in-time service and selection."

Duane Huss will serve as the new nursery manager. As former container product manager for Bailey's Minnesota facility, Huss brings the expertise needed to develop the property into a state-of-the-art growing facility. Preparations for planting this spring are currently underway.

The purchase is an investment in its long-term success, according to Bailey Nurseries. Bailey Illinois Division, as the farm will be called, will help the company extend its shipping season and offer customers a varied product mix.

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