March 22, 2010 - 23:00

The Primary begonia series, like its sister series, Nonstop, has been bred to offer exceptional germination and plug development. It boasts large, fully double flowers and excellent garden performance. The newest color additions to the series, Deep Red and Pink Shades, round out the color selection and offer the same flower power as the rest of the series.

Maintain high moisture during germination. Don’t cover seeds or pellets. Additional light accelerates germination and improves quality of the seedlings.

Growing on, use a well-drained growing substrate with a pH of 5.5-6.2. Avoid cool substrate at transplantation. Two-time transplantation supports root development and young plant quality.

Primary begonia is a long-day plant; long days (14 to 16 hours) are necessary for initiation. In winter, assimilation light is recommended for good plant development and will shorten crop time. Short days will result in tuber formation.

Moderate fertilization levels are required. Fertilize weekly with 150- to 200-ppm nitrogen, using a complete and potassium-balanced fertilizer. Keep ammonium levels low to prevent root damage.

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