Bush Announces New Immigration Plan

January 9, 2004 - 07:24

In a call for action, President
Bush announced plans for a huge renovation of the current American immigration
system. He is proposing to grant legal status to millions of illegal workers
that are now in the United States because the current method is not working in
the United States, says the Associated Press (AP).

The President feels that
immigrants should be able to have jobs in this country that the American
citizens are not taking. ANLA's own Craig Regelbrugge was invited to attend the
press conference on Wednesday Jan. 7, and he said it was a very exciting moment
for the people in our industry. "We realized some years ago that this
problem needs to be addressed to stabilize the work force, not only now but for
the future as well," Regelbrugge explains.

Supposedly the new plan is
designed to create a temporary program for undocumented workers currently in
the U.S. and other countries that have been offered jobs here.

Bush said during the conference
that we as a nation depend on and value immigrant workers, and we should have
laws that back them up. He hopes this plan, if agreed by Congress, would allow
for a more compassionate way for immigrants to live in the United States,
allowing them to be protected with labor laws, fair wages, the right to change
jobs and general working conditions that the rest of the country is protected
by. Regelbrugge agrees that we need to find a way to draw out the illegal
workers and support them and work with them to get them the legal status to be
a worker in the United States with all of the same opportunities.

AP states that the new proposal would strengthen borders and
create a more secure nation because there will be accountability of the people
entering the United States allowing law enforcement officials to focus more on
eminent threats and not the people coming into the country that are allowed.

This new plan allows for the
temporary workers to work in any type of business in the United States instead
of certain sectors like a temporary work visa allows however, specific details
are still in the works. According to Regelbrugge, this is something that will
help bring out the undocumented workers so that we can show them our large need
for them in our industry.

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