Chameleon Grow Systems Releases Commercial Plasma Lighting

July 30, 2012 - 06:39

Chameleon Grow Systems has released its commercial Solar Genesis plasma horticulture lighting.

Chameleon Grow Systems has released its commercial Solar Genesis plasma horticulture lighting.

“We have been testing this light source for the past three years, and the full-spectrum nutritional light-energy produced by plasma lighting has produced excellent results,” says Chris Pieser, founder and president. “What differentiates us from the other manufacturers of plasma lighting is our proprietary reflector design, camera quality glass and the optical glass coating incorporated into our products.”

Plasma lighting technology is in a constant state of development; by the end of the year the light output is expected to double, making it better suited to take on the task of lighting greenhouses.

“We are focused on third-party scientific research to validate this technology and will not recommend our product until we are certain that plasma lighting is the right fit for the grower’s application,” says Pieser.

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