COPF Launches Research Trust Fund

July 6, 2004 - 05:22

A total of $121,000 has been donated by the Canadian Ornamental Plant Foundation (COPF) over three years to a designated fund for ornamental horticulture research. The fund was established in 2002 with savings from the cost-effective COPF royalty monitoring program. In this program breeders and growers co-operate together to monitor propagation of new varieties and generate royalties for breeding programs. Established 40 years ago, the COPF program has earned budget surpluses in the last three years. These surpluses will go into research for the benefit of the horticulture industry.

The COPF Research Trust Fund is controlled by a management policy established by the COPF board of directors. It is the board’s intention to allow the fund to grow until grants can be provided from the interest on the fund’s principle. The estimated time frame for grants to start is in 2010. COPF president Todd Baker said, “COPF collects royalties and enforces propagation licenses in a non-adversarial manner. This allows us to work in the most cost-effective way, resulting in consecutive budget surpluses.”

Donations to the COPF Research Trust Fund are tax deductible as a business expense. COPF managing director, Peggy Walsh Craig said, “We are looking to industry and corporate sponsors to help fund breeding research. Any and all donations to the Research Trust Fund are graciously accepted.”

COPF is a non-profit organization started by visionary industry leaders representing breeders and growers of greenhouse and nursery crops and government researchers. The mission is “To encourage new plant development by strengthening relations between growers and breeders for the benefit of the horticulture industry.” For more information contact COPF at (800) 265-1629 or

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