Costa Farms Supports National Indoor Plant Week

August 17, 2012 - 08:20

Costa Farms is lending its media support to promote National Indoor Plant Week scheduled to take place Sept. 16-22, 2012.

Costa Farms is lending its media support to promote National Indoor Plant Week ( scheduled to take place September 16-22, 2012.

The week-long celebration is designed to raise consumer awareness of the value and benefits of live indoor houseplants.

According to National Indoor Plant Week founder Mark Martin, from Interior Tropical Gardens, this grassroots initiative was established to promote the many attributes of indoor plants. “Research indicates that certain varieties help purify interior spaces and improve productivity in offices where we spend most of our day. We like to say that the ‘oxygen arrives when the plants do.’”

Costa Farms is supporting National Indoor Plant Week through a public relations campaign that targets national television, newspapers, radio and social media programs.

“National Plant Week is a natural fit with ‘O2 for YouHouseplants with a Purpose’, says Jose Smith, president and CEO of Costa Farms. “Our mission is to communicate the benefits of indoor houseplants to cleanse the air, beautify our environment and provide better health and well-being.”

Since launching its national public service campaign, ‘O2 for You: Houseplants with a Purpose’ ( in 2008, Costa Farms continues to spread awareness on how live houseplants can cleanse indoor air from chemical pollutants (volatile organic compounds) emitted from products and materials found in our homes and offices.

During National Indoor Plant Week, Costa Farms will be implementing online contests and creating sharable content through their Facebook page and Twitter account to educate consumers that plants are just more than a pretty face.

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