Diascia Flying Colors

August 27, 2003 - 09:09

This long-lasting diascia exhibits vigor under even the most stressful weather conditions.

Flying Colors diascia is early to bloom and longer lasting
in the summer garden than other diascias. Rooted liners planted January-March
will finish in 5-7 weeks for 4-inch pot (one plant per pot) and 10-12 weeks for
8- to 10-inch pots (three plants per pot).

Flying Colors will exhibit plant vigor under stressful
conditions and will flower more profusely in warmer temperatures. Excellent
branching habit and tight bloom spikes make these diascia spectacular in 4-inch
pots as well as in hanging baskets. And they add bright, unique colors to

Five colors make up the series: 'Flying Colors Coral' has
vibrant deep coral blooms with an upright habit, tight bloom spikes and
excellent garden vigor and has received recognition in many independent summer
trials in both the North and South for garden performance. 'Flying Colors
Apricot' is a shimmering apricot and holds its color well in heat and high
light. Apricot also has an upright growth habit. 'Flying Colors Trailing
Antique Rose' is covered with dusty rose blooms with deep green foliage sitting
on this tightly branched, trailing plant. 'Flying Colors Trailing Red' has dark
rosy red flowers with a trailing habit and exhibits excellent heat tolerance.
'Flying Colors Appleblossom' has large, unique pastel pink flowers with an
upright growth habit.

Growing on

Flying Colors will arrive as rooted liners. Transplant
liners into any good, well-drained potting media and maintain a pH of 6.0-6.5
and EC 0.6-0.9. Give a constant feed with a general-purpose fertilizer
containing micronutrients. Start at 200-250 ppm nitrogen and adjust as
necessary to maintain proper EC and pH levels. Increase the amount of potassium
toward the end of culture. 

As for temperature, start with warm night temperatures of
62-65° F for approximately 10 days to build roots. The optimum growing on
temperature is 55-65° F days and 45-55° F nights. Once finished, plants
can be held at temperatures between 45 and 50° F. Diascia will tolerate a
light frost down to about 28° F.

For best results grow under very high light, and keep plants
evenly moist but not too wet. Best results are also achieved if plants are
watered in the morning. Avoid over-head watering late in the day, and provide
adequate air circulation.

One pinch about 10-14 days after transplant is recommended.
Additional pinching may not be necessary if plants are grown at recommended
temperatures and in high light. 

Growth regulators are not necessary if high light and cool
night temperatures are provided. 
Florel applied two weeks after pinch will enhance finish in larger
containers. Rate is location specific.

Drench with a broad-spectrum fungicide at liner transplant.
Watch for whiteflies and aphids.


Flying Colors Coral, Apricot, Trailing Antique Rose and
Trailing Red are available as rooted liners from Proven Winners, while
Appleblossom is available through EuroAmerican Propagators in Proven

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