D.S. Cole Growers Receives First MPS-ABC Certification

July 17, 2009 - 09:43

Indicating a growing interest in MPS' certificates in the United States, a group of companies last summer began the registration process for the MPS-ABC certificate, the international environmental scorecard. On July 13, D.S. Cole Growers in Loudon, N.H., was awarded the first official MPS-ABC certificate in the United States. Theo de Groot, CEO of MPS, presented the certificate to Doug Cole during the OFA Short Course in Columbus, Ohio.

"The MPS-ABC certificate is a very valuable management tool. It works like a rating scale, indicating the level of sustainability of your operators' management," Cole said. "The certificate has fully proven its value in the market: Every day, thousands of MPS-ABC certified flowers and plants are sold worldwide, and I am pleased that American growers now also can provide them."

In the coming months, MPS will set up a structure for the U.S. to expand the activities. "The interest in sustainability in the U.S. is remarkable and still growing," Cole said. "I expect that many U.S. growers will have their companies certified for MPS-ABC as well."

For more information, visit MPS' website or the D.S. Cole Growers website.

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