Ecke Reinterprets Pack Trials

February 17, 2006 - 09:48

Ecke Ranch announced a new and different direction for their annual spring programs; one that has a directed focus on Ecke customers to provide more of what they need. As part of the new direction, Ecke Ranch officially canceled its participation in the traditional Pack Trial circuit and will instead offer customers and brokers private, focused, behind-the-scenes discussions and tours directed at helping to solve the most pressing business problems they face.

“This will not be a marketing ‘show’ but rather a hard-hitting environment designed to address the rapidly changing needs of customers,” noted Ricardo Campos, director of sales. Ecke Ranch will provide a more targeted program to highlight the significant enhancements in reliability, application of new science around core crops designed to provide growers greater success, and logistics and information systems implemented to reduce shrink.

According to Ecke Ranch, in the past, Pack Trials were a venue to gather comparative data on key genetics. Today, introduction of another color of existing genetics does not answer the market place needs. Success today is more about embracing the changes our market channels and customers are experiencing, said Ecke Ranch.

Decision makers at Ecke Ranch feel that what their customers need today is to learn ways to make more money. “They need to solve problems like inventory shrink, crop scheduling and timing, increasing energy costs. We believe that as a responsible company, we need to create an opportunity to provide a better, more focused experience to our grower customers, brokers and retailers by redirecting our resources," said Paul Ecke III, CEO.

Andy Higgins, president, stated, “We believe this is a responsible change to make. We believe too much emphasis has been placed on ‘who has the most new introductions or the prettiest displays?’ We hear the message from our customers that value needs to be created and another color in existing lines does not add this value. During this type of event we will provide more value, more focus and more business-driven solutions.”

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