European Spring Trials Dates Approaching

January 15, 2010 - 10:20

Fleuroselect invites growers to visit the participating companies in 2010's European Spring Pack Trials, which will take place April 26 to 29 in the Netherlands.

The following companies will exhibit during this year's event:

ABZ Seeds

Location: Vleetweg 12, 1619 PR Andijk, Netherlands

Contact: Gé Bentvelsen at or +31 (0)228 515280


Goldsmith Seeds/Syngenta Flowers

Location: Cornelis Kuinweg 28a, 1619 PE Andijk, Netherlands

Contact: Paul Karels at or +31 (0)228 59 31 44

Hem Genetics

Location: Hemmerbuurt 98, 1607 LC Hem, Netherlands

Contact: Jan Sijm at or +31 (0)228 541312

Moerheim New Plant

Location: Weteringweg 3a, 2155 MV Leimuiderbrug, Netherlands

Contact: Jeroen Egtberts at or +31 (0)172 506700

PanAmerican Seed/Kieft-Pro-Seeds

Location: Firma Goedhart, Zwaagdijk 292, 1682 NS Zwaagdijk, Netherlands

Contact: Gill Gerken at, or +31 (0)252 535006


Location: Hoofdweg 19, 1424 PC De Kwakel, Netherlands

Contact: Loretta v/d Brand at or +31 (0)297 500750


For more information and registration, contact the companies directly. For more information on Fleuroselect, the International Organisation for the Ornamental Plants Industry, visit their website.

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