FedEx and South American Flower Farms Form Alliance

October 22, 2004 - 11:00

Ever since the United States has been receiving cut flowers from Central and South America, consumers have had the disappointment of them having a short vase life because it takes so long to get them here. Since the prices coming from Central and South America are so much cheaper than they are in the United States, it has almost become a must do to get cut flowers from Central and South America.

Now, due to an alliance between Federal Express and South American flower farms, consumers and local florists can purchase flowers in bulk directly from the green code farm in South America, adding longer days to the life of their cut flowers.

Creating this alliance has prompted the foundation for a new, innovative way to purchase flowers online. Flowers may now be purchased and shipped directly from the South American flower farms, and the fresh cut flowers are delivered within 48 hours of their harvest. This eliminates the fear of dead or dying flowers at special occasions.

There have been numerous incidents where the fresh flowers used to decorate occasions had wilted. Special occasions such as these can't be risked with flowers that have lived through 3-10 days of shipping and handling before reaching a local florist and then have a shelf life of two days or more before reaching their final destination.

Most floral product consumers are unaware that this is the case with 80 percent of fresh floral products in America, according to the South American flower farms. The flowers are normally imported from countries such as Columbia and Ecuador, shortening the vase life of the flowers tremendously. This explains the short vase life of flowers after a purchase.

Visiting the following Web site: for more information on the new alliance.

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