Fernlea/Weather Channel Partner

May 20, 2005 - 10:46

Fernlea has recently announced a new relationship with The Weather Channel. Fernlea, one of the nation’s oldest growers of flowers and garden plants, has been a longtime Weather Channel advertiser, but their relationship will grow in a new direction this autumn when Fernlea becomes the first advertiser to take advantage of The Weather Channel’s customization tools. Fernlea will send roots into markets across North America, establishing a national reach, and they will do this with pansies.

These colorful and hardy flowers, a mainstay of Fernlea’s business, will be promoted through the grower’s advertising relationship with The Weather Channel. Fernlea will offer a “Fall Flower,” and The Weather Channel’s Advertiser Co-op Program will enable Fernlea’s retailers to approach each regional market with customized messages and product offerings. In this way, Weather Channel advertisers get national exposure with targeted and engaged audiences and a national buy for a very reasonable price.

One of the things that this new partnership will help with is showing the consumer that the relationship between the weather and flowers works both ways. For more information visit www.fernlea.com.

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