Fine Reports Increased Use of Product

May 20, 2013 - 09:42

Fine Americas, Inc. is reporting that growers are continuing their conversion from older paclobutrazol PGRs to its advanced Piccolo 10 XC formulation.

Fine Americas, Inc. is reporting that growers are continuing their conversion from older paclobutrazol PGRs to its advanced Piccolo 10 XC formulation.

Introduced in 2011, Piccolo 10 XC is 10 times more concentrated than previous paclobutrazol products.

Kevin Forney, technical services manager for Fine Americas, noted that Piccolo 10 XC is formulated in a true solution instead of a suspension. “By overcoming the potential settling problems associated with older suspension products, Piccolo 10 XC mixes quickly and evenly in the spray tank. In addition, many growers report seeing more consistent results with Piccolo 10 XC, undoubtedly due to the more uniform distribution of the active ingredient within the spray mixture.”

As with older paclobutrazol formulations, Piccolo 10 XC can be used as either a drench or foliar spray to produce more compact and marketable plants. Forney added that Piccolo

10 XC is labeled for use on most bedding plants/plugs, flowering and foliage crops, bulb crops, perennials and woody ornamentals. He urged growers to always read and follow label directions before using Piccolo 10 XC or any plant growth regulator. 

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