Floral Plant Growers Completes Sustainability Certification

May 30, 2008 - 13:07

Floral Plant Growers (FPG) is the latest company to join the growing list of Veriflora-certified growers. The company successfully completed certification in the VeriFlora program, and the grower-ready and retail-ready plants produced at their Denmark, Wis., facility have both been certified as “sustainably produced.”

This certification assures that all their products have been produced in an environmentally and socially responsible manner with the highest standards for freshness and quality.

FPG is the fourth potted-plant producer, the second plug producer and the first open-market plug and line producer in North America to attain VeriFlora certification, according to a Floral Plant Growers press release.

In order to be certified, growers must meet leading-edge environmental protection requirements covering issues such as pest management, media fertility, production yields, energy efficiency, carbon footprint, integrated waste management, water conservation and ecosystem protection. In addition, certification assures that fair labor practices and strong community engagement principles are in effect.

“We feel that attaining sustainability certification is the right thing for our company, employees, customers, ownership and community,” said Chief Operating Officer Scott Lueder. “Being one of the first young potted plant producers to complete this rigorous program demonstrates FPG’s commitment to not only the present, but also the future.”

The Visions Group, an independent business advisory group specializing in the floricultural market, assisted Floral Plant Growers in this process. For more information about Floral Plant Growers and their sustainability certification, contact Scott Lueder at scott@natbeauty.com or Dean Chaloupka, president of Floral Plant Growers, at deanc@natbeauty.com. For more information about the VeriFlora program, visit http://www.veriflora.com.

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