Flowerpossibilities.com Launches Monthly Podcast

May 19, 2006 - 10:11

The consumer Web site of the Flower Promotion Organization (FPO), www.flowerpossibilities.com, announced it will begin posting monthly podcasts, or streaming video content, starting with its May updates. These 2-3 minute videos will feature a demonstration of one of the month’s featured new “flower recipes.”

“We need to reach younger audiences to get them involved with flowers and the Generation Y and Xers are attracted to newer communication mediums, such as streaming videos and podcasts available thorough the Internet,” stated Will Carlson, managing director of the FPO. “Flowerpossibilities.com has long been an innovator in this field, delivering consumer content to a demanding audience over the Internet.”

These video segments will be available in several media-playing formats to accommodate different devices, formats and connection speeds. The links to the monthly podcasts will be available on the welcome page of www.flowerpossibilities.com.

“We are proud of our content offerings for the consumer on flowerpossibilities.com,” said Stan Pohmer, executive director of the FPO. “In addition to the popular ‘flower recipes’ we’ve been featuring on the site for the last few years, we’ve recently added a top-notch flower encyclopedia, and a consumer care and handling section through our FlowrMD.com program. The consumer is demanding more information delivered in innovative ways that they can easily access 24/7, and we continue to deliver on these needs through our website enhancements.”

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