FPO/Realtors Announce Marketing Partnership

June 23, 2006 - 07:05

NHS Print has partnered with the Flower Promotion Organization (FPO) to offer real estate agents marketing tools featuring fresh-cut-flower ideas and inspiration. Starting in June 2006, agents will be able to have their promotional postcards printed up with flower recipes provided by the FPO, with credit given to the www.flowerpossibilities.com Web site. Next in the development process are refrigerator magnets featuring flowers and flower care and handling cards.

There are over 400,000 realtors in the United States, most of whom try to keep their names in front of past, current and future home buyers by sending out monthly mailings: On average, 50 percent of realtors send out more than 5,000 direct mail pieces each month, according to the FPO. NHS Print supplies the majority of the postcards and other marketing elements to realtors.

While most of the mailings just list the agents contact information along with some housing specific information, there's a growing trend toward providing something that consumers will retain for fun or future use, such as cookie recipes.

Stan Pohmer from the FPO believes the new partnership will be successful for all involved: “Not only will real estate agents have the chance to tap into the innate love of flowers to attract clients, but this new format will give us the opportunity to teach homeowners how to beautify spaces with flowers,” said Pohmer. “The Flower Promotion Organization is committed to offering consumers design ideas and inspiration to ultimately encourage the consistent use of flowers in the home.”

You can view the postcards on the home page of NHS Print, www.NHSPrint.com.

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