Gibson Joins Fafard

October 19, 2007 - 10:01

Conrad Fafard, Inc., a supplier of professional mixes, retail mixes and Canadian Sphagnum peat moss, has recently added Dr. Jamie Gibson as the company's corporate manager for quality control/technical services. Gibson will be based at Fafard's Anderson, S.C. facility under the direction of Dr. Hugh Poole, director of technical services/quality control.

"Dr. Gibson has an excellent blend of hands-on growing experience and academic credentials that will relate well to our customers and their challenges," said Poole in a press release. "Quality control is an important aspect of maintaining the Fafard reputation for having a consistent, high performance product. He is an added resource for both our internal team and our customers."

In his new role, Gibson will oversee the quality control and analytical lab activities for all of Fafard's production facilities. He will be an active participant in providing technical support for Fafard customers and sales representatives and will work closely with research and development efforts as Fafard continues to introduce new products for its customers. Along with potting mix development, Gibson will create grower-friendly tools for improved success in propagation, growth regulation, nutrition and retail management and marketing.

Conrad Fafard, Inc. is a Syngenta Group Company. For more information, visit

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