August 19, 2009 - 23:00

The Las Vegas series provides bright colors, excitement and heat tolerance. At 16-20 inches tall, these varieties are suitable for 41/2-inch pot production. Three vibrant colors — Pink, Purple and White — offer a bright mix for any landscape setting.
Germination takes 10 to 14 days at 72-77° F. Cover seed lightly after sowing. Avoid overwatering for best germination and root growth.
During Stage 2, lower soil temperatures to 60-72° F. Increase light levels to 1,000 to 2,000 foot-candles and continue to keep the media fully saturated. Once all seedlings have germinated, begin to allow trays to dry slightly between irrigations.
During Stage 3, lower soil temperatures to 60-65° F. Fertilize weekly with 100- to 150-ppm nitrogen in a well-balanced mix.
Transplant plugs after five to six weeks. Grow on at 62-65° F. Maintain pH levels of 5.5-6.2. Apply 150-ppm nitrogen weekly in a well-balanced formula.

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