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April 18, 2003 - 11:50

Proven Winners

Ageratum Artist(TM)

Ageratum Artist(TM) is taller (10-12") than most seed
ageratum. The two Artist "Blue" and "Purple" are also more
uniform and flower more consistently than their seed counterparts. They are
excellent in containers of all kinds and landscapes alike. They are an
excellent choice to fill in the mid ground of combination planters. Two colors
are available.

*               The
pH should be kept between 5.8 and 6.2. 

*               EC
should be kept between .6 and .9, using the 2:1 method.

*               Artist
is responsive to Sumagic and B-9.

*               Growth
can also be controlled with cool temperatures, low 50s to low 60s.

*               Pinching
is not recommended, although growers should use their own discretion based on
plug size and finished container size.

*               200
ppm constant liquid feed of a well-balanced fertilizer is recommended.

Angelonia Angelface(TM)

Large flowers, excellent garden performance and extreme heat
tolerance make Angelface an excellent plant choice. The foliage of these
varieties is scented like concord grapes. Angelface needs a warm root zone to
perform at its best so it is best as a late spring to early summer crop for
much of the country. Three colors ("Blue", "White" and
"Blue Bi-color") are available.

*               The
pH should be kept between 5.8 and 6.2.

*               EC
should be between .6 and .9, using the 2:1 method.

*               Angelface
is responsive to growth regulators including Sumagic, B-9 and Cycocel.

*               Sumagic
should be used with extreme caution since plants are very responsive to this
chemical. Blue is the most responsive followed by Blue Bicolor. White is the
least responsive of the three colors. A light spray in the 3 ppm range should
be effective but adjust for your particular conditions.

Use of growth regulators other than Sumagic can cause flower
delay so they should be used sparingly. Once weather is warmer and days are
longer these growth regulators can be used more easily as Angelface will be
flowering in much shorter amounts of time.

*               Plants
will flower in much shorter time under longer days.

*               Stem
strength will increase under longer days and/or higher light.

*               Use
of Florel may delay flowering.

Lobelia Laguna(TM)

Laguna "Compact Blue with Eye" is a very
free-flowering plant with excellent garden performance. It is great in mixed
containers but will also do well as a stand alone variety. It is tolerant to
both heat and cold.

*               The
pH should be kept between 5.8 and 6.2.

*               EC
is best kept between .7 and 1.0, using the 2:1 method.

*               Cooler
temperatures can be used to hold the plants (55-60 F is good)

*               Compact
Blue with Eye is Day Neutral, so it will bloom under the short days of early

*               Pinching
should not be necessary due to the plants natural compact habit and good
branching but may be used at transplant at the grower"s discretion.

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