H2 Acquires Agribio from Kirin

February 19, 2010 - 14:05

Dutch investment company H2 Equity Partners B.V. announced last week it will acquire the entire Kirin Agribio Group from Japanese listed Kirin Holdings Co. Ltd. Kirin Agribio Group owns leading breeders such as Fides and Barberet & Blanc. The acquisition should be complete by the end of next month.

Kirin Agribio Group owns leading breeders such as Fides, Barberet & Blanc and Germicopa. Post-acquisition, the group will expand its global business. H2 has signed the purchase agreement and expects closing of the deal in March 2010. H2 is poised to further leverage the leading position of Agribio Group via introduction of new varieties and add-on acquisitions.

H2 sees potential to transform Agribio Group into a larger integrated group with stable growth and increased profitability. “We see exciting opportunities, given the current market dynamics,” said Peter Kroeze, partner of H2 Equity Partners. “We seized the opportunity to acquire Agribio Group as it is a knowledge intensive breeder that is very well positioned to unlock the full potential that this business offers. Together with management we will actively pursue product development, strategic partnership and add-on acquisitions.”

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