Hawaii Floriculture Makes $90 Million

June 24, 2005 - 08:29

It has happened, according to an article in the American City Business Journals Inc. “Grower sales of Hawaii flower and nursery products have topped $90 million for the third straight year.” That is despite orchid and lei revenues falling during the past year while landscaping sales rose, according to the article.

Since 1995, when sales were about $68 million, sales have grown significantly in the state of Hawaii, reported the Hawaii Agricultural Statistics Service in its 2004 state figures. In 2000 sales rose to nearly $83 million; they jumped to about $95.7 million in 2002 and have stayed pretty steady since (2003 was $95.6 million and 2004 was $94.5 million), state the article.

In the tropical state, growers sold more foliage ($17.7 million) and potted flowering plants (sales jumped 8 percent to $6 million). Potted palms were $7.3 million and dracaenas were $5.7 million the article stated.

“What kept it from being a new record was an 8 percent drop in revenues from cut flower sales. The value of orchid sales as a whole declined 2 percent, but still came in near $23 million, better than all but the previous two years. And dendrobium sales rose. Lei flower growers recorded sales of $3.4 million, down 9 percent,” said the American City Business Journals Inc.

Even crops that Hawaii is not typically known for producing did fairly well in 2004, for instance, the state produced half a million bird of paradise, 5 million roses, more than 7 million anthuriums and even 270,000 potted impatiens, the article stated.

Island Statistics: The following information was taken from American City Business Journals Inc.

  • Big Island: 53 percent of the state's floriculture and nursery business takes place; 425 farmers sold more than $50.4 million in such products last year; biggest single revenue items were potted palms and anthuriums.
  • Oahu: Two-thirds of the remaining business; 235 producers sold of $31.7 million in 2004; biggest single category was landscape plant material.
  • Maui: Sales by 180 producers were $9.5 million; biggest sales category was proteas.
  • Kauai: 80 producers had sales of $2.9 million; biggest sales category was plant rentals.

According to the article, “The value of out-of-state sales of flowers and nursery products (including wholesale and retail sales) during 2004 was estimated at $47.5 million. The value of out-of-state sales represents the dollar received at the point the commodity leaves the state. Thus, the product contains retail and wholesale sales and may include multiple transactions by the time it leaves the state.

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