HIP Reveals New 100 Percent Green VerdeTAG

July 28, 2009 - 13:04

Horticultural Identification Products, a customized tag and labeling-products company for the horticulture industry, announced today the development of one of its most environmentally friendly plant tags to date, called verdeTAG.

An innovative, sustainable alternative to traditional plastic plant tags, verdeTAG is manufactured using 100 percent renewable resources such as recycled paper, 10 percent post-consumer waste and responsibly sourced wood products. The verdeTAG also derives from 100 percent sustainable energy sources such as hydroelectric and wind power.

"Growers and retailers are constantly looking for a marketing edge, so HIP continues to search for new 'green' materials that are produced using eco-friendly manufacturing processes from beginning to end," said HIP President and CEO Bob Lovejoy. "VerdeTAG offers professional growers and their brands the newest innovations in sustainable labeling technologies that simultaneously enhance the look of plant products and convey a corporate commitment to environmental awareness."

Lovejoy works closely with his internal design team and grower customers to evoke progress in environmentally friendly packaging options for custom-designed labels. Following the recent trend of clean lines and elegant designs in horticulture labeling, this tag offers a modern look with an eco-friendly foundation. The verdeTAG is a soft, classy option that has been tested for durability, water resistance, extreme weather resistance and curling.

VerdeTags are produced under chlorine- and fossil fuel-free processes at an ISO-certified and carbon-neutral facility. Growers and retailers also can write on verdeTAG products with a standard ballpoint pen, a novel attribute for environmentally processed tags.

For more information about verdeTAG and other HIP products, visit the company's website.

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