How's the New Year So Far?

January 6, 2013 - 13:07

Happy New Year!

The holidays and all but one football bowl game are now history and it is time to get back in to the "normal" routine -- whatever normal means to you.

Even though 2013 is only a week old, how's it going so far? How are the next 51 weeks looking? Are you ready for whatever this year has in store for you and your company?

What are your expections for the new year? Do you plan to make any major changes in your business in 2013 or do you plan to continue what you were doing in 2012?

Did you make any resolutions for the new year? If so, what have you resolved to do in 2013? Why?

I know I am asking a lot of questions so early in the year but drop me a line at and let me know how your 2013 is looking.

The Time is Now

Now that the new year is here, it is time to stop procrastinating and get your nominations in for GPN's 40 Under 40. We are looking for the pacesetters for the future of the industry and we need to hear from you.

If you know an influential individual under the age of 40 (as of 01.31.13) who is really making a difference in the horticulture industry we want to know about him or her.

The deadline for nominations is Jan. 21.  All of the details you need for nominating someone can be found here.

We will be announcing our Class of 2013 in the May issue of GPN and at a special reception in July at OFA Short Course.

Here's to a happy, safe and prosperous New Year!

-- Tim



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