Industry Leader Meets with United States Leader

December 5, 2003 - 10:29

Gary Mangum from Bell Nursery, Burtonville, Princess Anne and Suderville, Md., has been invited to participate in a chat with President George W. Bush while he is visiting the Baltimore area about the economy and how it is effecting our industry.

Mangum was asked, along with a select few, to speak with President Bush on stage and camera. The other members on the panel include Home Depot CEO Bob Nardelli and Alison Anderson, a Bell Nursery merchandising manager, local homebuilder, store manager and a recent Home Depot hire.

Mangum is hopeful that the panel members will get to make some positive points related to the industry and how things will be played out for them in the future. They have been asked to speak about their nursery business, network, growers and how they feel about the economy in general.

Bell Nursery members will also get a chance speak to the president one on one about some of the issues, as well for about 15 minutes prior to the event.

The event will take place Friday, December 5, in the early afternoon with the panel, and the “getting to know you” session with Bell Nursery members will follow.

This event is very exciting for our industry. With snow predicted, plants still coming in and the hopes that the poinsettias will make it through Secret Service, Bell Nursery is getting the chance of a lifetime. Please join us in saying congratulations and thank you to the participants.

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