May 21, 2012 - 13:39
John Mossel



Job Title



Grand Flower Growers, Wayland, Mich.


Founded company with brother, Todd, while both were in their early 20s and now supplies annuals to Home Depot stores throughout the Chicago area; Company has received Home Depot’s “Grower of the Year” award three years in a row; Has a keen eye for detail and market trends and helps develop tagging, containers and genetics for regional and national plant programs.


Favorite reads: Business books – a favorite is Launching a Leadership Revolution; What’s for dinner? Grilled filet, baked potato and asparagus; Favorite movie: Christmas Vacation is a “Mossel family tradition”

Fun Fact

The Rx files: John almost died from a rare blood disease when he was 13. “If my parents had listened to my doctor, I would not be here today.”