August 22, 2011 - 23:00

The grower-friendly Bandana series has two new additions for 2012: Rose and Light Yellow. These lantana varieties have a mounding habit and look great in containers or in landscape applications. Bandanas are an excellent season extender, boasting outstanding flower color and size as well as great heat tolerance.

Transplant Bandanas directly into finished containers. Place the rooting media slightly below the level of media in the container. Media should be allowed to dry out between irrigations. Bandanas have drought tolerance; however, they will show signs of wilting and have delayed flowering if allowed to run severely dry.

Feed with 200- to 250-ppm nitrogen. Bandanas are moderate feeders. They will get pale, yellowish foliage if underfed. Monitor EC levels and leach with clear water as needed to avoid fertilizer salt buildup. They grow best when using a blend of Cal-Mag (15-5-15 or 14-4-14) and ammonium-containing (20-10-20 or 15-15-15) fertilizers.

Bandanas grow best under high light conditions and warm temperatures. Use 5,000 to 7,000 foot-candles. Supplemental lighting can be used in northern climates under dark, cloudy conditions.

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