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October 1, 2004 - 11:34

George Dean, Greenhouse Automation Pioneer Celebrates 50th Year with Wadsworth Control Systems

George Dean is widely recognized for his visionary contributions to greenhouse automation. He heads Wadsworth Control Systems, Inc. a company started in 1952 by his father George Dean, Sr.

George is in the Floriculture Hall of Fame for both SAF (1992) and the Colorado Greenhouse Growers Association (19901) for his outstanding achievements in the floriculture industry.

Here is what was written about him:

In the early 60s George Dean possessed and acted on the insight that would introduce environmental control systems to the greenhouse industry. Instead of hand cranked roof vents, condemned oil borders and untold numbers of manual steam valves, George introduced modern technology using an automated array of fans, pads and ventilators.

The technology George developed advanced indoor growing operation by great strides, allowing floral product to be grown through the year. Today, George Dean is regarded as both a leader and a pioneer of greenhouse environmental control systems.

San Felasco Nurseries to Become Grandiflora

After three decades of customers and supplies having confusion with the San Felasco name, the owners have decided to change the 106-acre Florida nursery to Grandiflora. There will be a new logo and branding program to go along with the change. Plants will be marketed as “Grandiflora Grown” with a tag line that says “long-lasting Southern Blooms.”

The branding program is designed to help Southern garden centers promote and sell Grandiflora Plants. The owners hope is that the Grandiflora name will be come as well know as some of the major brands in the industry, like Proven Winners, The Flower Fields, Monrovia, etc. For more information call (800) 933-9638.

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