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March 25, 2005 - 11:15

TrueLeaf Develops Tanks for Tsunami Relief

To aid the Tsunami relief efforts, Buwatec, a tank and liner manufacturer based in The Netherlands and represented by TrueLeaf Technologies in North America, has designed the BUWAHOUSE. This is a house that is easy to build using the same materials as the greenhouse tanks.

The first houses are being constructed in Sri Lanka, where up to 35 BUWAHOUSEs will be built. For more information visit TrueLeaf Technologies Web site at

Oxygen Therapy Systems Develops Approach For Environmentally Friendly Greenhouse Solutions

Oxygen Therapy Systems, Ltd. has developed a “whole systems” approach in the operations and maintenance of greenhouses, glazed enclosures and sunspaces in various climate regions. This includes environmentally friendly solutions for air, water and soil utilizing new technologies that incorporate and enhance the natural processes supporting biological life itself.

The “whole systems” approach utilizing Oxygen Therapy Systems technology provides cost saving benefits including reduced chemical use, enhanced water purification and reduced energy consumption.

Oxygen Therapy Systems provides training and additional coaching support to meet the specific needs and expectations of various facilities. For more information call Oxygen Therapy Systems at (888) 905-0687 or visit

Chemilizer/Itronics Form Strategic Alliance

Chemilizer Products, Inc., Largo, Fla., and Itronics Metallurgical, Inc., in Reno, Nev., have announced an agreement, effective immediately, for jointly supplying the fertigation market.

Chemilizer Products, Inc. will provide Itronics Metallurgical with a liquid fertilizer delivery system of two injectors, the HN55 and CP33. That delivery system will be used by Itronics Metallurgical’s customers in lawn and landscape programs and by wholesale and retail nursery and greenhouse operations.

Both Chemilizer units are highly specialized, non-electric injectors. They are currently used in agricultural, commercial and industrial applications and have undergone extensive testing for residential use, municipal and commercial use.

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