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April 15, 2005 - 11:36

Becker Announces Nemasys Label Expansion

Becker Underwood recently announced the label expansion of Nemasys to include biocontrol of both fungus gnats and western flower thrips.

“Value-oriented customers will appreciate the integrated biocontrol efficiencies of a broader Nemasys label to manage both fungus gnat and western flower thrips pests,” said Joe Lara, product manager for Becker Underwood. “In broadening the product label, growers can now utilize Nemasys as the first biocontrol foliar treatment to manage adult populations of western flower thrips in high-value flower crops such as gerberas and chrysanthemums. The innovative polymer-based technology also allows us to pack a high concentration of our beneficial nematodes into a new, smaller package size,” said Lara. “Becker Underwood’s primary objective is to offer solutions to address the challenges of increased pest resistance and the shrinking options of chemical controls in our industry. We will do that through ongoing research and the introduction of leading-edge biocontrol technologies to the horticulture and turf markets we serve.”

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